Where's that Wet Blanket

Fernando Alonso, not satisfied with first and second for the McLaren team in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix pulled out the wet blanket.  Wee still behind Ferrari?  Huh?, What?:
"I think, to be honest, we still need to work a little bit, especially on the race pace," he confirmed. "I think with Felipe [Massa] having a good start, better than our start and keeping first position maybe was extremely difficult to follow their pace in the race, so I think we mustn't confuse ourselves with that. "But we are much, much closer than Australia.  We have some developments on the car and some improvements coming very shortly, so we should be alright then, very, very shortly and I think it will be a very close fight but I think our team has the potential to do it and I have 100 per cent confidence we can do it."
Suddenly Alonso's move to McLaren from World Champion Renault looks brilliant.

Thanks Yahoo.