Floor Tile A Go-Go

New Tile in Living Room
I just completed laying floor tile in our living room/dining room areas. Laying tile is the most backbreaking job. Much worse than doing the roof.

I started on December 18.  I worked an average of 6-8 hours a day on it except for a half day on Christmas Eve and I also took Christmas Day off.  I just finished on Wednesday, December 29.

This is a Spanish porcelain, 20 inches X 20 inches and its called Petra Gold. Got it from Mastertile in Orange City.

Now we still have the hallway, both bathrooms, the kitchen and our utility room yet to do. Hope my back holds out.


Mike Burger Visits!

Mike Burger and Chris Howell
There was this really cool dude I met in high school named Mike Burger.

He was from Cleveland,  he had a couple of older brothers and drove a 1964 Volvo 544.

 Anyway we became good friends. He moved away to New Mexico in 1985. Although we have kept in loose contact over the years and I haven't seen him since that day 25 years ago.

He had a chance to come to Florida recently and we met up. What a pleasure to see him again!  Time has been good to him and he's as funny and full of life as ever. It's a shame we only had a few hours to talk and catch up. Boy am I thankful for such good friends. Hopefully in the future we can see each other more often than every 25 years.

Mike Burger, Chris Howell and Freddy

Sandhill Crane Takes a Rest

Sandhill Crane takes a rest

A group of Sandhill Cranes swooped in for a visit on December 17.

Charlotte got some pretty dramatic snapshots. She has already posted these to FB. But I couldn't resist the re-post.

New Scribefire

Well, there appears to be a new Scribefire plugin for Chrome.

Scribefire was one of those plugins I really missed when I moved to Chrome from Firefox.  The Scribefire plugin lets you post to your blog from your browser.

It works with a number of blogs but I'm only interested in Wordpress, of course.  Here is the Chrome plugin.