Birthday at the Beach 2009

Here's a look at our annual celebration for all the guys who have birthdays in October. It's me, Jake, Rich and Nat. Charlotte, Natalie were there. Barbara made a wonderful cake!


Republicans Hate You

Here’s an interesting twist in the healthcare debate.

Last week Brian Williams was reporting from Afghanistan for NBC’s Nightly News program. They did a report called “Offering Healthcare in Hopes of Earning Loyalty” that showed how American troops were making attempts at “winning hearts and minds”.  I would link to the story, possibly driving viewers and new revenue to their website, but NBC does not allow linking. NBC says “no thanks” to more viewers!

So in Afghanistan apparently we have a population of citizens who are distrustful or even hostile to American leaders --citizens who need to be “won over”. What were American leaders doing to win hearts and minds? Providing them with free health care (!) The report showed videos of clinics where people were getting treatment.  How ironic that some of the same Congress members who voted to provide free healthcare to Afghans to win their hearts and minds are fighting tooth and nail to keep their own people from receiving healthcare of any kind.  WTF!

I guess you can muddle around here and maybe you will find the story.