Elvis Sighting in Tampa

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post this video. This should have been the first video I ever posted to youtube.

My good friend Paul Morris and his friends played a gig at a little place called  Rick's on the River in Tampa.  There was a separate group of people there having a birthday party and they has an Elvis impersonator.  After the birthday party broke up the Elvis came over and wanted to sing a few songs.  Unfortunately, I ran out of disc space before the Elvis came on but I did get a few stills. This evening was epic. Enjoy this video I call, Are you a Flying Elvis?


Tears of Gold

The media is crying tears of gold. The following headline was found on Romenesko's media blog .  And the tone was, Can you believe how BAD advertising revenues are?!!! It links to a Wall Street Journal story.

September issue of Vogue will only have 674 pages of ads

Do the media crybabies know how this appears? It's like Donald Trump complaining that this year he can only afford one Bentley and not five. Many magazines and newspapers would kill to have this kind of ad revenue.


Rider Up!

Mrs. Howell has been working hard over the past few years to train her 8 year old Arabian mare, Gavilinda. Here is a video of a recent training session.  Gavi is learning a lot and really enjoys the attention.