USGP Ticket Sales Down

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is reporting fewer tickets sold for this year's United States Grand Prix compared to 2001 and 2000. Speedway president Tony George expects an increase in sales this week leading up to the race and a higher number of walk-up ticket sales then in year's past.

Some blame fewer ticket sales on fears of terrorism, Ferrari dominance or like McLaren boss Ron Dennis, the economy.
"No one wants to say we're in an economic crisis," said McLaren team principal Ron Dennis. "But we are."
It appears that racing legend Mario Andretti finds some fault with the track.
"The ambiance in these facilities is not what road racing aficionados are looking for, but Indy has come the closest to providing some of that," he said. "There's going to be a lot of empty seats Sunday, and that will be too bad."
Indeed. I want Formula One to succeed in the United States. I just hate to see Tony George profit from it.


Rumor in Formula One

Almost every time there is a rumor in Formula One, it is later revealed to be true. Often a story starts out as a news leak or offhand comment by a driver or team manager. Soon you get an additional scrap of information, perhaps another comment, and the story starts to firm up.

For example, last week we heard a rumor that Minardi Driver Alex Yoong may not compete in the final races of this F1 season and may be replaced because of his poor qualifying performance.

It's not been confirmed that Yoong is out for the remainder of the season. However, comments by Yoong seem to point in that direction.

Adrian Fernandez

Adrian Fernandez is still recovering from injuries suffered in his crash in Vancouver. He won't be able to drive in this weekend 's Mid-Ohio CART race.

For Fernandez, Vancouver was a real pain in the ass .

Audi's Win Again!

In the American LeMans Series, the headline "Audi's Win Again!!" has become so boring that sportswriters have to take a different angle.

How about this,  After Starting from 20th Place ,  Audi's Win Again!!


Ford to Compete with Self

Ford to compete with self in Formula One. Autosport magazine is reporting that Ford is set to supply engines to Eddie Jordan's team at the end of next year.

I'll bet FoMoCo wishes it could just sell off or somehow get away from the Jaguar team.

Money Woes

Money woes at Arrows causes  Heintz-Herald Frentzen to resign.


Unnamed Sources

Unnamed sources tell  Racer magazine that Bryan Herta wants to pilot Alex Yoong's Minardi for the last three races of the season.

I think it's great to see an American in F1. But, come on! I mean Bryan (cryin') Herta.

I never thought Herta was that competitive when he drove for Bobby Rahal. Herta just seemed to come unglued toward the end of his CART career. Rahal stuck by Herta for a long time waiting for him to get his act together and it never happened.

Maybe Herta's personality is better suited to F1. We'll see.

Cristiano da Matta to F1

Autosport magazine is reporting that CART points leader Cristiano da Matta is poised to jump to F1 next year.

Da Matta would drive for Toyota, which means Salo or McNish will be looking for rides. Toyota has been denying rumors that McNish is out for next year. So that means ...

Johnny Herbert and Mark Blundell

An exciting proposition! Johnny Herbert and Mark Blundell drive for an All-England CART team for the Rockingham race. It sounds like a lot of details are yet to be worked out.

If only some Americans (hello Ganassi) could put together an All-American F1 team.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms commonly used in F1 racing.

The Silly Season

What's more fun than the rumors and speculation about the shuffle of F1 drivers and teams for next year?

It's called "The Silly Season" because it's a lot like musical chairs. A driver doesn't want to be the only one left standing without a ride when the music stops.

Doesn't it seem like The Silly Season starts earlier and earlier?  One reason may be because this year Schumacher wrapped up the championship so early. Teams figure if they can't contend for the championship, they might as well start looking forward to next year.