David Coulthard to Retire

At 37 years old, Scot David Coulthard is the "grand old man" of formula one racing. But it's been revealed that he is set to retire at the conclusion of the 2008 season.  This from Coulthard:
My decision to retire was taken earlier in the year, and is based on a desire to stop while I am still competitive and enjoying the immense challenge that grand prix driving represents. I also have the desire to look for new challenges within the sport.
The decision to make this announcement at the British Grand Prix should be an obvious one for all to understand, as I have achieved two of my 13 F1 victories at Silverstone and I am a member of the British Racing Drivers' Club, which hosts this event.
It was also recently announced that Coulthard and his wife are expecting their first child.

Starbucks Goes Venti

Starbucks is closing 600 stores and one of them is in the neighborhood where I work.  Honestly,  all the Starbucks coffee I ever had was bitter. I did like the Frappuccinos. I remember a couple of years ago Starbucks boasting about their market domination. They claimed that having a store every 600 feet was part of a smart business strategy.  The following is from the November 2006 edition of the New York Post:
Starbucks, the $6.4 billion java joint, is opening its second store inside Macy's Herald Square tomorrow, grabbing the key real estate on the mezzanine overlooking the first floor for a 65-seat location.
It's the first time the king of caffeine has opened up two stores under the same retailer's roof. But just like its street-side stores, it's all about the location.
"While you may think there is a Starbucks on every corner, get over it, because there's now going to be two Starbucks on many corners," said Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst for market research firm NPD Group.
I got a 20oz. coffee this morning at 7-Eleven.  Cost - $1.70.


Where Am I ?

Mrs. Howell and I went to Sea World on July 4th. Here is a video that runs 6:40 made up of clips of everything we saw that day.  And yes, it was crowded.


Bird Flu Hoax

Don't get me wrong. The Bird Flu is probably very bad and will probably come to the US.   Has the danger of the Bird Flu been inflated?  Has it been inflated by the media?

Will the danger of the Bird Flu turn out to be as much of a hoax as the Y2K problem?  It sure seems like the media frenzy surrounding the Bird Flu has died down.


Target Women

This is what I am talking about.