Starbucks Goes Venti

Starbucks is closing 600 stores and one of them is in the neighborhood where I work.  Honestly,  all the Starbucks coffee I ever had was bitter. I did like the Frappuccinos. I remember a couple of years ago Starbucks boasting about their market domination. They claimed that having a store every 600 feet was part of a smart business strategy.  The following is from the November 2006 edition of the New York Post:
Starbucks, the $6.4 billion java joint, is opening its second store inside Macy's Herald Square tomorrow, grabbing the key real estate on the mezzanine overlooking the first floor for a 65-seat location.
It's the first time the king of caffeine has opened up two stores under the same retailer's roof. But just like its street-side stores, it's all about the location.
"While you may think there is a Starbucks on every corner, get over it, because there's now going to be two Starbucks on many corners," said Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst for market research firm NPD Group.
I got a 20oz. coffee this morning at 7-Eleven.  Cost - $1.70.