Team Kool Green

It appears that the Andretti Team's (formerly Team Kool Green) implosion is right around the corner. Rumor has it that Honda wants the team to compete in the IRL next year and that Paul Tracy is already signed to Players/Forsythe.

Gerhard Berger

Former F1 star Gerhard Berger is considering stepping down as BMW motorsports director.

Pontiac GTO

What the hell is this world coming to???!!!

A paramount symbol of American culture is cars, and nothing is so American as the Pontiac GTO. Even those of us who are not fans of American cars can appreciate what the original 1964 GTO did to spawn the muscle car phenomenon.

Pontiac is bringing the GTO back for 2004. It's essentially a Holden. Yes, that's right the new GTO will be imported from Australia.


Barry Green Sells

Barry Green sells his CART team to Michael Andretti and they all promptly finish in the top 6. Franchitti and Tracy 1-2

Multiple Personality Disorder

It's fairly easy to make a case for the schizophrenia of some news sources. However, it's not very often that I see such a glaring example of multiple personality disorder. Both of these reports are from Reuters and are dated July 30.

The first report claims Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber is not driving for the Jaguar team next year and the second claims a deal is close for him to begin driving for Jaguar next year.

I'm not really surprised. Rumors and speculation surrounding drivers and teams are what makes following the world of Formula One so much fun.

Oh, and the racing too.


Hakkinen Retiring

Two-time Formula One champion Mika Hakkinen is retiring.


Michael Schumacher has an Achillies Heal

It appears that Formula One great Michael Schumacher has an Achillies Heal  -- the German Grand Prix.

The web site formula1.com writes
... he [Schumacher] also faces the knowledge that he has only won his  home Grand Prix once in ten years, and has not appeared on the podium for the past four. The German not only intends to redress this unflattering balance, but also to enjoy the opportunity to celebrate his latest title in front of     thousands of supporters.
Schumacher doesn't have to worry too much about winning the German GP. He has already wrapped up his fifth world championship and tied record holder Juan Manual Fangio.

The German Grand Prix is Sunday July 28th in Hockenheim.

PR Doublespeak

I really enjoy these type of articles where journalists translate PR doublespeak into what\'s really being said.

My lovely wife Charlotte wanted to read  this article by ESPN's Robin Miller. In it, Miller translates Michael Andretti's and Barry Green's carefully chosen words into what they really mean.