Can NPR Adapt to the Digital Future?

An interesting Politico article today about NPR and podcasting.

NPR has an opportunity to pivot to a digital future but doesn't seem to have a road map for getting there.
"I've been in public radio for almost 25 years, and this is far and away the most exciting  ever," said Davidson. "When I got into the field there was only one career path—work at a local station and hope you get a job at NPR. Now there are so many paths, so many companies to work for, and it's been a little heartbreaking for those of us who love NPR to see NPR largely sitting on the sidelines of this exciting moment."
NPR is forging ahead down many digital trails including podcasting and other on-demand audio services like NPR One.

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A Note to the Class of 1975

"Hello to my fellow RHS 1975 graduates. First, I want to apologize for not making it to the reunion this year. This is one of those milestones I didn’t want to miss but because of scheduling conflicts (out of money) I couldn’t be there. Thanks for the invitation. I do have enough guilt to motivate me to write you all a note. 
How do I sum up 40 years in a blog post? NOT POSSIBLE. Let me just say how surprised, happy and lucky I am to even see a 40th high school reunion. I am remembering so many who didn’t make it, including my very close friend and 1975 grad Steve Stover. You’ve been gone for almost 18 years but not forgotten buddy. 
I almost didn’t graduate with the Class of 1975. Back then I didn’t skip school that often. Certainly not as much as some. However, there was one sunny spring day when my Mom was gone so I stayed home. The postman arrived with a registered letter from RHS. Although it was addressed to my Mom, I signed for it. Of course I opened it. 
I’m paraphrasing, "Chris is in danger of not graduating because he’s behind in English and is incomplete in Government and Crafts." Crafts? I don’t have any recollection of a class called Crafts. I never thought of myself as a poor student. I don’t remember high school as being academically challenging. I was just bored and lazy.  In the last few weeks I put forth enough effort to fix my grades and graduate with you all.
My Mom never found out about the letter. Because of RHS, or perhaps in spite of it, my life has turned out pretty sweet. I’m in one of the best places of my life right now. 
I am super appreciative of the teachers, administrators, and you, my classmates at Reynoldsburg High School. You gave me a great start in life.
You all will live in my heart forever. Maybe I can make the 50th!
Wishing you all the best, Chris Howell"