My Niece Had Her Baby

My niece, Carissa Baker, had her baby. A six pound girl. Mother and baby are doing fine.  This makes my sister a grandmother.  What's that make me?

Of course, pictures to come.


Cell Phones

Every day I get up and clip my cell phone to my belt. I carry it around all day. I have made five calls on it in two months I haven't received a call in almost four months.

Sometimes I wonder why I have it.  Am I hopelessly out of touch with today's world?

Everywhere, people are talking on their cell phones. Who are they talking to? Are they conducting some important business? Should I feel inferior?


Grand Prix - The Movie

I got my DVD of Grand Prix last weekend. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I checked out some of the special features. They are great!  More to come in the future.


French Grand Prix Wrap-Up

I wanted to write an entry about last weekend's French Grand Prix.

I guess I'm happy that Schumacher won. I'm happier that Alonso did poorly. It's not a car race anymore. It's a tire race. I was surprised at the poor performance of the Hondas and the good performance of the Toyotas.

Happy to see Scott Speed get into qualifying session two. I sure would like to see the McLaren's do better.

Is Raikkonen just skating the rest of the season?  Where is he going next year?  What the hell happened to Villeneuve in qualifying?

With all teams going to the same tire next season, I say Schumacher will be back. That will be his best chance at winning another championship.


Beware the Traffic Camera

All of you who live and work in Winter Park may be pleased to hear this.
Traffic safety is a major concern for the City of Winter Park and the city is stepping up its enforcement to reduce crashes that result in injury and the loss of life in Winter Park. On Monday, July 1 2006, the City of Winter Park City Commission passed a resolution supporting the use of red-light cameras at selected signalized intersections in Winter Park. This resolution is a direct result of the Commission's concern for citizen safety as red-light running is generally recognized as one of the major causes of crashes, deaths, and injuries at signalized intersections.


The Bulls

The other night I was asked if I was watching the World Cup. Alas, no, I'm not interested in soccer. There are a few really crazy European sports I'm into however.

  • Formula One Auto Racing
  • Tour De France Bicycle Racing
  • Running of the Bulls

Today is the first day of the 2006 Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Here's a quote from Yahoo!
Revelers wearing white shirts and trousers, held up their red kerchiefs and shouted: "Long Live!" as champagne bottles popped and onlookers dumped buckets of water on the crowd from surrounding balconies. It's impossible to escape the bash without a thorough drenching of beer, sangria, water and eggs, but nobody seems to mind. "We've come to get drunk!" the crowd chanted, and they had come to the right place.


Ask Dr. Z

I think those Ask Dr. Z commercials for Dodge and Chrysler are pretty clever. The last time Chrysler used it's CEO as pitchman was in the early 1980's with Lee Iococca.