USGP Ticket Sales Down

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is reporting fewer tickets sold for this year's United States Grand Prix compared to 2001 and 2000. Speedway president Tony George expects an increase in sales this week leading up to the race and a higher number of walk-up ticket sales then in year's past.

Some blame fewer ticket sales on fears of terrorism, Ferrari dominance or like McLaren boss Ron Dennis, the economy.
"No one wants to say we're in an economic crisis," said McLaren team principal Ron Dennis. "But we are."
It appears that racing legend Mario Andretti finds some fault with the track.
"The ambiance in these facilities is not what road racing aficionados are looking for, but Indy has come the closest to providing some of that," he said. "There's going to be a lot of empty seats Sunday, and that will be too bad."
Indeed. I want Formula One to succeed in the United States. I just hate to see Tony George profit from it.