Mike Burger Visits!

Mike Burger and Chris Howell
There was this really cool dude I met in high school named Mike Burger.

He was from Cleveland,  he had a couple of older brothers and drove a 1964 Volvo 544.

 Anyway we became good friends. He moved away to New Mexico in 1985. Although we have kept in loose contact over the years and I haven't seen him since that day 25 years ago.

He had a chance to come to Florida recently and we met up. What a pleasure to see him again!  Time has been good to him and he's as funny and full of life as ever. It's a shame we only had a few hours to talk and catch up. Boy am I thankful for such good friends. Hopefully in the future we can see each other more often than every 25 years.

Mike Burger, Chris Howell and Freddy