Al Unser Jr.: Not Guilty

A lawyer for Al Unser Jr has filed a not guilty plea in his drunk driving charge in Nevada:
Unser, of Henderson, did not appear before Justice of the Peace Stephen George, who set trial for July 11. "There's a chance it might get resolved before that date," Unser's lawyer, Andrew Leavitt, said after the brief court hearing.  Leavitt declined to address circumstances surrounding Unser's Jan. 25 arrest. 
The Nevada Highway Patrol said Unser was driving a black Ford Excursion when it sideswiped a Mazda sedan that crashed into a cement median on the Las Vegas Beltway. The driver of the Mazda reported no injuries at the scene, the NHP said.  A witness followed Unser's vehicle before Henderson police stopped it a short time later near the Black Mountain Country Club, about 12 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. The NHP said the 45-year-old Unser failed field sobriety tests before he was charged with driving under the influence, misdemeanor hit and run, failure to render aid in an accident and failure to report an accident.
Unser Jr. was caught beating up a woman while drunk in Indianapolis in 2002.  Not surprisingly, he was not charged.

Credit The Las Vegas Sun for the quote.