Champ Car at Indy?

Robin Miller reported an exciting rumor on Speed TV last night .   It seems that some Champ Car teams would love to run at Indy. I still think Paul Tracy won that race) I'm looking for the text of Miller's comments and can not find them on the unfriendly Speedtv.com.

From what I can recall he said:  Champ Car executive Kevin Kalkhoven told IRL chief Tony George that some Champ Car teams would like to run the Indy 500.  The teams would supply the chassis if the IRL could supply some engines.  Apparently, George has not gotten back to Kalkhoven. Please, someone correct me if you can find the text of Miller's report.  This would be most exciting if it comes to pass but alas, it's not likely.  It appears that the merger talks between the IRL and Champ Car are completely dead:
"The merger is a completely dead issue," said Kalkhoven today.  "I don't think I can summarize it any further than that.  There was a lot of progress made while the talks were quiet.  The moment that it got leaked out, an awful lot of influences came into play who might not have benefited directly from such a unification.   A lot of factors came into play, but basically, you can assume that now and for the foreseeable future, it\'s dead."
That quote from David Phillips and Speedtv.com.