Lewis Hamilton is a God

The British press never passes up an opportunity to praise Lewis Hamilton. Now they have him entering the history books -- again!:
The rookie Briton could on Sunday become the first ever rookie in the history of the sport to stand on the podium after each of his first three Grand Prix.
But could the superior performance of the McLaren be the real reason for Hamilton's success?
But, amid all the mainly British media hype, one of 22-year-old Hamilton's on-track rivals has anonymously asserted that Hamilton\'s podium-filled debut has been more to do with the competitive McLaren MP4-22 than with the reigning GP2 champion himself.The unnamed rival is quoted as saying in the Spanish newspaper Diario As: "Lewis has done a good job but in qualifying he is on average more than five tenths a lap away from Alonso." "That's slower than Fisichella was alongside Alonso at Renault; and nobody raves about Giancarlo any more."
The season is early. The fun part is watching the races to see who will win.

Credit to f1live.com and Yahoo.