Brawn to McLaren, Perhaps

Ferrari seems to have "dibs" on Ross Brawn's services.   Honda sure needs an experienced man at the helm, but McLaren has the money, prestige, and power to lure Brawn back into the sport:
It is rumoured that the 52-year-old Briton, who at the Maranello based team presided over Michael Schumacher's five Ferrari titles until the German retired last year, is keen to return to the sport but only with an outfit based in England. "McLaren could offer a multitude of projects that Ross could lead," Bild quotes an insider as saying. Ferrari boss Jean Todt, however, this week insisted that the Italian team should be first in line if Brawn wants to return to pitlane.
I've seen Ross Brawn.  He's one tall guy.  He can work anywhere he wants.

Thanks to Bildflive.com, and Yahoo.