Bridgestone Complaining

It's sooo hard to get all this valuable media exposure by being the sole tire supplier in Formula One. Don't you feel sorry for us. (stomps foot) It's too hard! Says Kees van de Grint, Bridgestone's Head of Track Engineering Operations for F1:
"I think people underestimate how much work is required when you are the sole supplier, especially as you want to maintain a high and fair level of service.  I was working with Ferrari for six years when Bridgestone won four world championships; that was a tough job.  But now I am looking after 11 teams, it is much tougher.  Along with everyone else at Bridgestone, I am spending more hours at the circuit than ever before."
Much of the increased workload is thanks to a rule change that sees Friday's practice at each grand prix increased to two ninety-minute sessions, the teams being free from the engine restrictions that severely limited their running in the past.
That's funny.  I don't feel sorry for Bridgestone in the least.

Thanks to F1 Technical for the quote.