Ecclestone to France: Drop Dead

Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone wants to drop the grand prix race in France while possibly adding India, Russia, Mexico, and South Korea to the calendar.
Ecclestone also raised the possibility of organising a new race on an urban circuit, as well as a night race."That (night race) would be ideal for Asia, since it would be the right time difference to be broadcast in Europe. It would also be very spectacular, it all depends of course on the circuit."Concerning the reticence of team bosses over the creation of more races, he said:  "The more we hold races in good countries, the easier it will be for them to find sponsors." And amid the threat to the France Grand Prix at Magny-Cours in 2008, Eccelestone warned that no country had a monopoly on the sport. "Formula One is very international, it's a world championship, not a championship linked to certain countries. When the the standards are not respected we have to go elsewhere," he added.
I guess when you dream, you might as well dream big. That quote is from AFP via Yahoo.