Ron Dennis to Retire

Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.  Apparently, Ron Dennis has said in the past that he will be stepping aside as the Grand Leader of McLaren.  Now he has restated that he wants to retire.  He's 60 years old and that's not that old.
"I don't see myself continuing to work as hard as I currently do forever, and there are things I want to do that I just wouldn't have the time to do if I were to remain as Chief Executive Officer of the McLaren Group in the long term." Dennis recently sold half of his personal stake in the team to a Bahrain company, and Mercedes' parent company Daimler Chrysler is rumoured to be eyeing the rest.
Ron Dennis is to much of a control freak.  He's just like Bernie Ecclestone and Frank Williams. Too stubborn to retire.  Good for them.

Credit Yahoo for the quote.