Schumacher: Hamilton Consistent

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher thinks McLaren phenom Lewis Hamilton has "a lot of talent".
McLaren's Hamilton recently singled out newly-retired Schumacher as a role model, amid team boss Martin Whitmarsh's claim that the impressive newcomer could go on to succeed Schumacher as the 'greatest ever' driver.  Hamilton's record-setting debut this year was one of the few topics that slipped through the net when Schumacher addressed the media in London this week.  
The former Ferrari driver's press assistant, Sabine Kehm, had explained to reporters before the international press conference that only questions relating to the UN's Global Road Safety Week should be addressed to Schumacher.  However, a noticeably tanned Schumacher obliged an errant journalist by answering:  "Lewis clearly has a lot of talent so it does not surprise me at all that he has been doing very well. "But what has been a real surprise is his consistency."
Credit Yahoo F1 for the quote.