Lewis Hamilton Dubbed King of the World

I love this overblown analysis of Lewis Hamilton done by AFP:
Lewis Hamilton has not only achieved more in two Formula One races than anyone before him but his stunning performance in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix has confirmed he is poised for unprecedented global stardom.
That global stardom they are talking about it is "unprecedented". They go on.
The 22-year-old Briton, the first man of Afro-Caribbean descent to race in Formula One, has finished third and second in his two races to date. But it is not just the results that have impressed seasoned observers of the sport. It has been the sheer speed and quality of his racing and a maturity that has set him apart from any other rookie driver in modern times.  Above all, he has shown he can cope with all the pressures - and at Sepang on Sunday he had to cope with sweltering conditions and two Ferraris on his tail - and fight crisply and cleanly against anyone when required.
Hey, Lewis Hamilton can work in hot conditions. Thanks AFP!