Florida Car Show

More than just a car show, the Amelia Island Concours has turned into the must see event for car enthusiasts.  Guests included Sir Stirling Moss, John Fitch, John Surtees, Hershel McGriff, Brian Redman, Vic Elford, Chris Economaki, David Hobbs and Sam Posey.  As you could imagine the bull flowed freely:
As you'd expect, the stories were priceless:  Surtees being pelted with hail and freezing rain during his win at the Isle of Man, hands so cold that he could only push against the handlebars, not grasp them.  Or McGriff, who won the first Carrera Panamericana in 1955 dodging spectators and donkeys and potholes large enough to swallow his Oldsmobile.
Organizer Bill Warner:
"It was a dream for me to have all those guys in one place," Warner said.  "That probably will never happen again. Now, I don\'t know how I'm going to top it.  That's my problem; when you get guys like Stirling Moss and John Surtees together in one room, how do you top that?"
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