TVR Comes to Orlando

I live in Orlando and did not hear about this important automotive news. The venerable British sports car company TVR has been bought by some area businessmen and will be headquartered in Orlando. This from Autoweek.:
Santacreu and Burdette now run a legendary British sports car company that will no longer be based in Britain, as world headquarters will be in Orlando. They plan to import one model of the TVR to America in 2008, to be sold here through a 45-dealer network. Total production will be 5,000 a year; the U.S. will get 3,00 and the rest will be divided between the 20-odd existing TVR dealers in Europe, and another 35 in the Far East.  The car will be the TVR Sagaris, which was introduced in 2004, but has never really been properly marketed. U.S. versions will be powered by a 400-horsepower, 4.0-liter inline "Speed Six" six-cylinder engine sourced from Ricardo, a British engineering firm.  The final assembly of the Sagaris will be done in Italy, by Bertone.  Bodies will, for now, continue to be produced in England.  Expected price in the U.S.: about $12000.
My first car was a 1971 Triumph TR-6. In my old neighborhood (35 years ago) there was a very interesting sports car.  It was silver and looked very fast.  I stopped one day when I saw the owner out working in the yard. The guy showed me his 1971 TVR.  It was so cool and it had a Triumph British Layland) TR-6 straight six cylinder engine in it. My TR-6 was a sports car but the TVR was a sports car that bordered on race car.