Customer Cars in Formula One

I have to agree with FIA Prez Max Mosley - Customer cars would be good for F1.  There are a lot of rich men who would like to compete in F1,  they are just not super-rich like the manufacturers.
"In 2007, there is a dispute about what the Concorde Agreement means and it is right and proper that if there is a dispute it should go to arbitration," Mosley, who earlier spoke alongside Michael Schumacher for the launch of the UN Global Road Safety Week, told Reuters in London.  
"But in the end in 2008, it won't be a problem. "Mosley, 66, has consistently argued that there is not 'enough money' in Formula One to sustain twelve different constructors.  Bernie Ecclestone is currently working on a new definition for the term, which will outline different commercial benefits for 'constructors' and a mere 'entrant'. 
But Mosley, the 'M' in the Formula One constructor March which in the 1970s famously built and supplied customer cars, said: "You either have customer cars or you have people struggling at the back of the grid being lapped four times."
I think it\'s been proven time and time again that running a customer car does not guarantee success. Often teams that run customer cars are competitive but are rarely as quick as the primary team.

Credit Yahoo for the quote.