Briatore Wants to Shake Up the F1 World

Renault boss Flavio Briatore has some innovative ideas to make Formula One more spectacular. For example, two races on the same day, both would count for points, one a shorter sprint and the other a longer race.
"We need two races; a 45-minute sprint in the morning and a race for one hour in the afternoon," the Italian said.  Briatore's revolutionary plan would involve banning refueling and using the results of the morning 'sprint' as qualifying for the main feature - with the top eight finishers made to start in reverse order.
Briatore is not keen on the mandated "environmentally friendly" cars, which seem to me just a PR stunt.  He says it will cost millions of dollars to develop these cars and add nothing to the F1 show.

Credit Yahoo F1 for the quote.