34-year-old Milka Duno has tested an IRL car at Kansas Motor Speedway.
Duno: "I didn't realize how different this was going to be, but I just cut to the chase,'' Duno said.  "I'm still learning, of course -- this was my first test -- but I am a fast learner, also.  This is an advantage, to adjust quickly to changes and take the opportunities you have. ''The biggest change, she said, is adjusting to the high speeds involved in open-wheel racing on ovals.  "You're going over 200 all the time,'' she said.  "When you feel the car starting to slide a little bit, not to have nerves but to control the situation -- that's something very tough.''
Putting Duno, who has limited racing experience, in an Indy Car has been controversial.

Thanks to Yahoo for the Duno quotes.