Number One Driver

It's always been a big question in Formula One - Does a team that supports one of it's drivers over the other have an advantage over its rivals?

For example, would Ferrari have a better chance of defeating McLaren for the World Championship if the team were to get behind Filipe Massa?  Would McLaren have a better chance if it were to support Fernando Alonso over Lewis Hamilton?

Right now it appears that all drivers on both teams are being equally supported. No one seems to be getting favorable treatment.  It's not obvious anyway. Massa thinks Ferrari will be choosing a "primary" driver later in the year:
"I think we will not see any decision until the championship is almost done," said the Brazilian, "so I think the team has to work like we are doing now with both drivers, trying to put both cars in front of McLaren. 
"The message out of McLaren, however, was even clearer, as sensational rookie Lewis Hamilton made history by becoming the first ever driver to finish his first three grands prix on the podium. Asked if he has the same chance as world champion teammate Fernando Alonso to go for the ultimate prize, he said on Sunday :  "Yeah, absolutely, I don't see why not.  I have the same car and I seem to be as competitive as him, and I feel a lot more comfortable now that a win is going to be possible."  
After the 22-year-old genuinely outperformed Alonso in Bahrain, McLaren's chief executive Martin Whitmarsh agreed that Hamilton is "now a serious title challenger". "He'll want to go better now and win a race," Whitmarsh added. "I don't think anybody doubts that he will do that this season."
I wonder how Alonso likes his new teammate?

Thanks Yahoo.