No Regrets

I sure would like to see Michael Schumacher return to racing in some form - either as driver or team owner.  I think he would bring the same competitiveness to any venture he attempted.
"I do not miss the racing driving at the moment at all," he told Bild newspaper. "I live a really good life now.  I am a very happy man.  I have had a very nice time during the last years, but I am definitely having a better time now.""I can arrange my schedule now so that I can spend the school holidays with my children.  This is so nice for us.  I simply have more time at home." After a stellar career, Schumacher said he enjoys watching the races, but had no desire to get back behind the wheel. "I like watching the races on television," he said. "I find it quite amusing now.  It is interesting to see things from the other side.  But I simply watch now to have fun with the family and friends."
All you Americans who want Schumacher to come to NASCAR - give it up!

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.