Over Paid and Under Performing

Who else but Ralf Schumacher can get away with such a dismal performance and still keep his job. The rumors have started again.  It seems like every year there's talk that Ralf will be let go.  I have heard he's paid something like 20 million dollars.  For what?
The 31-year-old has struggled to keep up with team-mate Jarno Trulli in the opening races, sparking gossip that the highly-paid winner of six Grand Prix will be left with precious few options to stay on the grid beyond this season.  "I can live with criticism but I'm not interested in irrelevant comments," Schumacher replied. "There is no way it is going to make me nervous.
"His manager Hans Mahr added: "If so-called experts who weren't even at the track assess the situation from a distance, they just lose credibility. "Mahr suggested that some of the criticism is motivated by an 'agenda' to 'confuse things' as negotiations regarding a new contract for Schumacher get set to take place. "We agreed with Toyota quite some time ago that we would get together to talk about a contract) extension towards the middle of the year. And we are sticking to this schedule," he insisted.
Why is Ralf so much slower than his brother?  He blames the car:
Referring to his critics, Schumacher said:  "I will answer on the track as soon as the car is competitive again."
Excuses, excuses. 

Thanks to Yahoo and F1live.com for the quotes.