Heidfeld Underrated

There's always been something I like about Nick Heidfeld.  I think he is underrated as a driver. Now he's been insulted by some bloke from Toyota.
"With him, we would not improve," Team President Howett recently told Sport Bild.Howett's comments follow the speculation that the Cologne based squad might be contemplating signing Heidfeld - who has an expiring BMW Sauber contract - as a replacement for the embattled Ralf Schumacher in 2008 and beyond.
But even though it appears that Heidfeld can now strike the Japanese team off his list of potential suitors, he refused to rise to the bait of firing back at the hugely-financed outfit that in nearly six years has failed to win a Grand Prix. Heidfeld said: "I know what I can do.  I would rather keep driving quickly than try to respond with my mouth."
Yeah, keep paying the under performing duo of Schumacher and Trulli. That's been working out well for you.

Credit Yahoo F1 for the quote.