How Long?

How long until Lewis Hamilton starts to believe the media hype about him is true?  I hope he doesn't read the paper, listen to the radio or watch TV.  McLaren chief Martin Whitmarsh says Hamilton could be better than Fangio and Schumacher:
"It's too early to analyse but if the trend continues there is no reason why he could not become the greatest driver ever," Whitmarsh told the Guardian. "What I'm seeing so early in this man's career is remarkable."
Whitmarsh laid out the criteria he believed separated the elite from the "simply good or average". "Firstly, you obviously need the natural skill," he said. "Secondly, you require a considerable degree of natural toughness. "Thirdly, some technical empathy is a major benefit because it helps a driver to integrate better with his engineers, which in turn speeds up the car development progress. "Finally there is fitness, determination and application.
Even over their cornflakes the top guys are always thinking what they can do to improve their own performances." It is almost as if they have some special genetic capability.  Lesser drivers don't do this, possibly because they aren't smart enough, aren't committed enough or simply don't care."
Tell the other drivers in Formula One they aren't committed enough.

Thanks BBC Sport.