Heidfeld Top Dog at BMW

Well, we don't really know. Was he ever? Apparently co-driver Robert Kubica's poor showing in the first three races of the season mean Nick Heidfeld is top man:
Heidfeld out-qualified Kubica in both Australia and Malaysia and has finished twice in fourth place.  Kubica's struggles, meanwhile, came into full focus at Sepang, after he finished dead last thanks to a catalog of mechanical woes. With Sebastian Vettel waiting in the wings and expected to graduate to a race seat in 2008 or 2009, sections of the media have also sensed a shifting supremacy off the track for Heidfeld. 
Heidfeld's manager is thought to have stridently leaked the apparent talks with Toyota about 2008, while Heidfeld himself has been unusually vocal about his distaste for BMW's Friday driver policy. Theissen is also quoted as telling the specialist magazine Auto Motor und Sport that complaining openly about issues is "Nick's right" due to his experience.
The shoe could just a easily be on the other foot.  What if Heidfeld had suffered mechanical failures?

Quote courtesy of Yahoo.