Sensible Words

Sensible words from Toyota's Ralf Schumacher, there are no easy answers, just hard work.   That's the kind of attitude that gets things done.  No blame, no finger pointing, just let's get down to work.  Ralf says them main area for improvement is in the aero package:
Ralf concedes that they are not doing as well as they want:  "Clearly, where we are now is not where we want to be," he noted, when asked to assess the teams start to 2007. "But, saying that, we have generally been qualifying in the top 10 and scoring points. We've also had decent reliability and good strategy, so the factory and the race team are doing a strong job. "What we need now is just a bit of extra performance and hopefully we can deliver that soon. "As for if they can close the gap to the top three, Ralf added that while it won't be easy they 'have' to do it."It's a case of getting the best out of the package we have and optimizing everything," he summed-up.
Perhaps with the long gap between now and the next race Toyota can make some improvements.  The problem is all the teams hope to make improvements in this off time.

Thanks to Yahoo for the quotes.