In Other News

There's always a lot of interesting news from further down the grid.  We just never seem to hear about it.  It seems like Ferrari, McLaren and Hamilton have sucked all the air out of the room when it come to F1 news.

For example -Red Bull Racing's veteran driver David Coulthard says despite the poor showing in Bahrain, the Red Bull team has progressed while the Renault team has fallen back in performance.
The Scot said he took heart in Red Bull's progress since winter testing, after the Milton-Keynes built car looked genuinely a match for struggling champions Renault in Bahrain. He explained : "As quickly as they have gone backwards we have gone forwards. "Coulthard said Red Bull's goal for the next few races is to finally score some points and become the fourth force on the grid, after proving quicker than big outfits like Toyota and Honda so far this year. "We have to be realistic and as painful as it is parking the car, I'd rather park the car having had a good race rather than what we had last year," he said.
I think it's dangerous for other teams to underestimate Renault's ability to bounce back from this slump.