Wurz on Monaco

Williams driver Alexander Wurz has certainly paid his dues in Formula One. He’s been in the sport for years and has logged many miles as a test driver for McLaren. Here’s some words from Wurz on Monaco.
“This weekend is going to be very cool,” the 33-year-old enthused. “It’s just amazing to drive a Formula 1 car through the streets of Monaco. The track gets quicker every session and, once you’ve built up a rhythm it is just mind blowing how much adrenaline you build up driving between the armco.”

“Every corner is difficult and, with the changing track conditions, it is obviously important to be on top of your game,” he explained. “In terms of set-up, it is most important that the driver has a good feeling about his car and can drive it with confidence. That is one of the key ingredients for setting a quick lap-time around Monaco.

“In terms of off-track work, Monaco is always the busiest weekend for all the drivers, and that’s a challenge in itself. Nevertheless, it is still one of my favourite race weekends of the season. It’s as hard as ever to forecast the result for the race; the only thing I can say for sure is that it’s going to be a close fight.”

Credit Crash.net for the quote.