McLaren Wants to Lose

The competition director for Mercedes, Norbert Haug says McLaren will not favor one driver over another.
"There are not only two drivers in the team, but also the two crews who look after their cars," 54-year-old Haug told the magazine Spiegel.  Not implementing a driver hierarchy within a top team, such as like Michael Schumacher's former position at Ferrari, has traditionally impeded its quest for the title.  But Haug said McLaren's philosophy is different to Ferrari, the Italian team which is likely to get behind either Felipe Massa or Kimi Raikkonen as their superiority becomes clearer later this year.  Haug explained: "The drivers and the other team members only perform at their best if they know that they are fully respected with no disadvantages."   He added that top drivers are usually sensitive, "like first-rate talents in other industries."   "And if you cooperate as closely as you do in a F1 team, mutual respect is particularly important," said Haug.
Is this the way to get the best out of everyone, or will this doom McLaren to failure?

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.