Let Hamilton Talk

Famous raconteur and former F1 team leader Eddie Jordan says Ron Dennis should not be so protective of phenom Lewis Hamilton:
"Media interviews, through generating interest for fans and exposure for paying sponsors, are the lifeblood of Formula 1 " Jordan told F1 Racing magazine.  "So, what was Ron Dennis thinking when he stopped Lewis Hamilton doing interviews on the Melbourne and Sepang grids?   Ten other drivers would gladly have done it, and all sponsors would give their right arm for a logo shown in the pre-start minutes."  Jordan added that Dennis' cageyness could even harm Hamilton's career in the future.
"And fans certainly wanted to hear F1's new star, live.   I don't understand what he was being protected from, and it'll only hurt his profile.   Nobody in F1 is too important for 'trivialities' like the media.   Let's get this straight: focus on technology and driving all you want, but if nobody's watching, you ain't gonna be at it for long.  "Lewis is good enough to stay focused.   He doesn't need nannying.   Ron should have let us have our piece: we're entitled to get to know him," he added.
We haven\'t heard much from Eddie Jordan recently.  What he says is true.  Let Hamilton talk to the media. You can't shield him forever.

Credit Setana Sports for the quote.