Klein to Honda?

Former Red Bull and Jaguar driver Christian Klein wants Rubens Barrichello’s seat at Honda.
The Austrian, who formerly raced for Milton Keynes-based Jaguar and Red Bull, notes that veteran Barrichello’s contract with the Japanese giant is set to expire.

“It is a possibility, but nothing is guaranteed,” Klien is quoted as saying by the news agency APA.

Klien, however, said returning to the Grand Prix grid is ‘100 per cent my goal.’

“With Honda is would be a logical step,” he added, “because I could integrate myself easily after a year as test driver.”

The poor performance of the Honda appears to have been identified.

Klien acknowledged, however, that Brackley based Honda is far from its goal of winning with the uncompetitive RA107.

Our biggest problem is the aero,” he explained. “The calibration of our wind tunnel was incorrect - the data we collected did not correlate with the data obtained on the track. It has set us back quite a lot and it will not now be easy to catch up.”

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.