Night Racing for Wrong Reason

Has F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone never heard of TIVO?
Singapore, which will host its debut Grand Prix on a street circuit next year, could be the first in the world to hold a race after dark with Ecclestone indicating it was a done deal.

“I think we can stop discussing the possibility of the race during the day,” he said when announcing a five-year contract from 2008.

Organisers insist a night race in the city-state will only go ahead if all safety concerns are met, including glare in dark conditions if it rains.

In typical Ecclestone style, he then drew Australia into the equation, putting it on the spot this week with an ultimatum — work on holding the Melbourne Grand Prix at night or risk the race being taken away.

“Unless they (organisers) can come up with something satisfactory, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to continue there,” the one-time motorcycle salesman was quoted as saying in local newspapers.

“I would like to make sure we can watch (the race) in Europe and other parts of the world at a respectable time rather than having to get up at three or four in the morning.”

I live in the eastern time zone of the U.S. I don’t get up to watch the race from Mayalsia. Hell, I don’t know what time the race is held in Japan.

We tape the race on video and watch it when we have time. Does Bernie think people won’t watch because it’s on in the middle of the night?  This points out the problem with having a 76 year old in charge. He is woefully behind the times in terms of technology.

Night racing is great and can be safe. We do it all the time here in the states. But racing at night because of TV coverage is the wrong reason.

Credit AFP for the quote.