Stop Messing with Formula One

Formula One Teams from top to bottom all agree that it is VERY expensive to compete. Teams are always scrambling for resources. But the FIA never stops changing the rules. That's why costs continue to rise.
While admitting that there should be more overtaking in Formula One, however, Mosley said a working group is already investigating ways to spice up the show - including the possibility of re-introducing slick tyres. "We've got four of the top teams working together to see if they can improve the situation,"

Mosley is quoted as saying by the Bridgestone Motorsport website. "It remains to be seen whether they'll succeed, but if they don't we'll probably do something really radical in 2010." Mosley also said all the controversy about the incoming 'engine freeze' rules last season had now been discredited after it made 0 difference to the sport so far this year except to save the car makers millions of dollars.
All this talk of, there needs to be more overtaking in Formula One, is blather. There is overtaking in F1 when the situation is right for passing. There will never be enough overtaking in F1 for some people.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.