Kimi Says

Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen says the car's aero package is important at Catalunya:
"To be in the front row and to win on the Catalunya circuit you need the best aerodynamics possible and a really good set-up:  the whole package has to work the best way possible;  after the tests I can see that the team has done some excellent work.  The new chicane has made the track a little bit slower, but that applies to all of us: it's still a very demanding track, for cars and drivers.  Last February we had a good test session and we managed to make the set-up even better now, also thanks to the new components, which give me a very positive feeling.  All in all the car is much better to drive now."
Raikkonen is a big fan of the NHL's Mighty Ducks!
"We come to Spain to win; and we'll do the best to accomplish this goal.  It is a hard-fought championship and it is always important to gain as many points as possible.  The best part of the season is yet to start: summer is coming and we race in Europe.  Now I can even follow the important part of the ice hockey season, because I'm a really big fan.  Over the last days I watched all the games of the world championship in Moscow and also the playoff in the Stanley Cup, where my friend Teemu Selanne plays for the Mighty Ducks from Anaheim:  the Finnish national team and my friend are doing really well and I'm really happy about that.  I also did some exercises on ice, but also on the green, as the golf season is about to start: my swing is ready!"
Hey Kimi. Focus on your driving please.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.