Alonso Says

Let's start today's coverage with a few quotes from reigning world champion Fernando Alonso. Alonso says bad luck will help break the current tie in points:
The two Ferrari  and McLaren  drivers will fight together probably until the middle of the season," Spaniard Alonso said in an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur." Eventually one or two will have some bad luck or stop achieving such good results, so that at the end of the championship probably only two or three will be left to fight."
 Alonso likes teammate Lewis Hamilton:
"He is very fast and deserves his ranking in the championship.  Hopefully he can keep it up for the whole year," the Spaniard said.
 Alonso says there may be a venue this year where BMW can win.
"At the moment there is a small gap from the two top teams to BMW," he said. "But perhaps at some circuits there will not be such a gap. We saw in Bahrain that Nick is capable of fighting for the front positions. I think there will be races when not only McLaren and Ferrari are on the podium, but Nick as well.  And perhaps he will even fight for a victory," Alonso added.
I think the most likely place for a BMW win would be Monaco.  I'll outline BMW's strategy for winning in my next post.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quotes.