Spectator Death

One of the things I think is most dangerous, yet thrilling, about World Rally is how close the spectators can get to the action.  You have people right next to cars speeding at 40,  50,  60  or more miles per hour.  Now someone has been killed at the Rally Argentina.
The rally was tainted by tragedy on Saturday when a 49-year-old female spectator was killed after a local crew lost control of their Group N Subaru Impreza 200 metres from the start of a stage and crashed into three people.  The driver, 32-year-old Gonzalo Alenaz from Buenos Aires, faces possible charges of culpable homicide.
I'm surprised at how rare this type of accident is.  I am not proposing that "something be done".  If you are a race fan, read the fine print on the back of your ticket next time.  And as the lawyers say "govern yourself accordingly".

Credit Guardian Unlimited for the quote.