Japanese Culture to Blame?

Technical chief at Spyker, Mike Gascoyne blames "Japanese corporate culture" for Honda and Toyota's lack of success.
"They have each tried to do it the Japanese way, with lots of bureaucracy and control from Japan.   And it is not working," he is quoted as saying by The Times.  Former Jordan Technical Director Gary Anderson backed Gascoyne's assessment by recalling that he thought officials in Japan were 'cut off' from the reality of the Formula One world when Honda supplied works engines to the now defunct team. "They could not get to grips with the fact that things were going wrong," he recalled.
I've written about this puzzle before.  It's true that both teams have had their problems.  But both Honda and Toyota have had great success in America.  Honda supplies engines to all the competitors in the Indy Racing league.  In the past, Honda and Toyota have supplied engines to the various open wheel series in America with great results.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.