BMW Can Win

In an earlier post I quoted Fernando Alonso as saying that BMW could fight for a win this year. He said that on certain circuits BMW would perform better.

I'm thinking that BMW could win Monaco this year.   It's a smaller, tighter course and if they play their strategy right BMW can win.

Here's how...Sandbag during the weekend's practice sessions.  Don't show your true speed at first. Then during qualifying run a very light fuel load.  The key to winning at Monaco is to get pole position.  Do everything to get pole because once you get out front no one can pass you on that tight circuit. Start the race on a lighter fuel load and run like hell for the first 15 laps. Get as far out in front as possible before you pit.

Take a full fuel load on the first pit stop and don't worry.  Be like M. Schumacher and make the most of your in and out of the pit times.  Drive a steady race.   Do not try to pass unnecessarily and do not push the car.  This is not the time for mechanical failure.  The other competitors will cycle through their pit stops and you will find yourself out front at the end of the race.