Schumacher Who?

'Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen are not looking forward to seeing Michael Schumacher. What could be wrong with that. Schumacher is retired and no longer a threat on the race track.
Schumacher is in Spain attending his first race since retiring as a driver last year, but whispers from the Ferrari camp already suggest that his successor, Raikkonen, is far from keen on the prospect of seeing his former nemesis in the Barcelona motor home.

And McLaren’s Alonso told the Spanish newspaper El Pais: “He was in F1 for fifteen years but personally I do not miss him. Okay, fighting against him was not unpleasant, but now we have a big battle with Massa, Raikkonen and Hamilton.”

“It seemed like, with Michael, we had come to a point where it was all a bit monotonous.”

Disagreeing with Alonso and Finland’s Raikkonen, however, is Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who said this week that he was ‘very happy’ about Schumacher’s confirmed visit to the Circuit de Catalunya.

That’s right! I forgot. Schumacher is a threat to Alonso’s and Raikkonen’s tremendous egos. I think I like Massa a little bit more after these comments.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.