A1GP v. F1

I just received some correspondence from MD asking if the A1GP and F1 should or would come closer some day. This is a great question.

I think the A1GP is a great series. The technical level of the cars and drivers skills are almost on par with Formula One, sometimes better. I like the idea of cars and drivers competing in a “world cup” of motorsports representing their home counties.

Unfortunately, we don’t get much press coverage of the series here in the states. Once in a while I will see some parts of the race on television. I have to seek out news about the races and drivers so I don’t get to mention it much on my website. Apparently, the season has just concluded at the end of April. A1 Team USA owner Rick Weidinger says:
“We had a successful season on the track and in our commercial activities,” Weidinger, of Washington, D.C., said. “There is strong patriotic appeal to supporting a team that races for the USA in an international series that limits one entry from each nation. I feel the team is now well positioned for next year with drivers, engineers, and mechanics. The entire team has really come together and we are all looking forward to September 30, 2007 in Holland for next season’s opening race.

“I continue to believe that A1GP World Cup of Motorsport is the best product in motorsports. From an owner’s perspective, A1GP delivers a level playing field with fixed operating budgets where more money can’t buy you more speed. It is the relationship between driver and engineer that delivers more speed. Additionally, one team represents its country and the series has attracted young and aggressive drivers from that country. An excellent mix of excitement, business model and patriotism.”

Germany placed first in the 2006-2007 standings with 128 points.

A1GP could certainly serve as a support race during a Formula One weekend. I’m not sure A1GP and Formula One will ever compete together\nor become close partners. A1GP has a good formula that makes for good racing. Hey, if it works why change it.

F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone closely guards the sanctity and product of F1. He’s not likely to want to do anything to compromise the cash cow that the modern F1 series has become. He looks at F1 as the pinnacle of motor sport. All other forms are inferior.

Because F1 and A1GP will probably not come together, that means we get to enjoy these two series for the unique personalities that make them great.

By the way - Former Indy 500 winner Buddy Rice has qualified 16th for the Indy 500 in an A1 Team USA/Dryer and Reinbold car.

Thanks to MD for the correspondence.

Credit WhoWon.com for the quote.