What’s up with Kimi?

I have a theory about the performance of Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen this year. He started the season winning in Australia. It looked like he would be a dominant force this year. I would have picked him to win the championship.

He put up some heroic drives in the past. There were a number of times at McLaren when, due to an engine change, Raikkonen would drive through the field. He would pass people like a man possessed. I remember him winning at least one race from the back of the grid.

This year he seems to have a different attitude. His driving, both in qualifying and in the race seems to be more “timid”.  He seems to be holding something back.

It may be a case where Raikkonen feels as though he has “arrived” at Ferrari. Perhaps less effort is required because the car is so good or the team is so good. The car has certainly proved to be reliable until Raikkonen’s day in Catalunya. He may feel like he deserves number one status but so far Massa has proved to be the more consistent driver.

Being a world driver’s champion is a mix of skill and luck. If Kimi Raikkonen is not getting the luck, then he’ll have to bring more skill to the season to make up for it. It’s already four races into the season. Now is not the time to dawdle. I think Raikkonen needs to screw on some more determination if he expects to win the big prize this year.