Up Next - A Win

Everyone is predicting a win in Monaco for Lewis Hamilton.  It's possible.  I can't seem to find odds on Hamilton for Monaco (right now he's 7-2 for the championship).
Asked after Sunday's race whether he had thought it was possible when the season began that he would lead the standings, Hamilton said:  "No, not at all.  I just want to do a good job and that is what I\'m doing.  With that in mind, I've got the points.  But no, I definitely didn't expect to do as well as I'm doing."
Monaco, the glamour highlight of Formula One's calendar, is next up and Hamilton could well add a victory to his remarkable resume. The 22-year-old has raced there three times, in Formula Three and the GP2 support series, and won every time.  After the Spanish race, he turned to Massa and assured the Brazilian that he would get him soon.McLaren chief executive Martin Whitmarsh agreed that the prodigy had every chance, even if Alonso won there for Renault last year and Raikkonen the year before with McLaren.
"I think Lewis has been gearing himself, as he tucks himself into bed at night, to the idea of winning in Monaco," he told Reuters. "But the truth is that both of our guys are very quick there ... I think they both fancy their chances and the car will suit there as well."
Credit Reuters for the quote.