Pedro Says

McLaren's third driver, Pedro de la Rosa calls the track changes in Barcelona safer:
"The biggest change is the new chicane and this will be the first time we are racing with it.   Basically we have lost the two high speed corners that lead you into the main straight.   I think it is positive, because it means you will be able to get close to the guy in front and if you have a quicker car you can actually overtake into turn one," he explained.
"One of the characteristics of the Circuit de Catalunya has always been that the two high speed corners before the main straight are so difficult to get close to the guy in front, so you can't overtake.   It is safer first of all, and then, just as importantly, it is better for the spectators.  "It will give them the chance to see some overtaking, when at the Spanish Grand Prix, qualifying has been traditionally so important, because your starting position tended to be your finishing position. It will be much more open now."
Why does overtaking come down to track design rather than driver skill?  A good driver should be able to overtake despite the track.

Credit Crash.net for the quote.